The Forward Firefighter Podcast

Episode 13

BJ Breacher

Talking Search Culture

BJ is passionate about his work in the fire service, and search is one of the top aspects of the job that he is most passionate about. In this episode we talk about search culture, search tactics, and what it means to embrace search culture.  We discuss the need to prioritize and focus on civilian lives.  Career, paid on call, part-time, volunteer, it does not matter what firefighter you are or the makeup of your fire department.  Citizens demand and deserve our very best, and it is on us to take ownership to do everything in our power to save them.  That means using and training on the best tactics that are needed under different circumstances, including solutions that may not be covered in a textbook.

BJ is a career firefighter, AEMT, and MPO for Deforest Windsor Fire and EMS. He also serves part-time on the Verona Fire Department, where he is a Lieutenant.  On top of that, BJ is a member of the Brew City F.O.O.L.S., where he is also a board member.

BJ got his start in the fire service in 2008 as a wild land firefighter for the Wisconsin DNR.  He has experience as a volunteer firefighter with Brodhead Fire and Rescue, where he also served as a part-time fire inspector of the City of Brodhead, Wisconsin. BJ also served as an EMT for Paratech Ambulance Service in Janesville and Brodhead Area EMS.