The Forward Firefighter Podcast

Episode 10

Marc Hill

Wausau Firefighter/Paramedic - Two Dark Thirty - Emergency Services Consulting

"Every one of Us is a Teacher!"

Marc Hill has an impressive 20-year public service career, holding positions as a teacher, coach, principal, firefighter, engineer, and Fire Chief for both volunteer and career departments. He's also an accomplished author, with the Amazon bestseller "Two Dark Thirty: True Stories to Inspire Teaching and Learning in our local heroes" and its accompanying workbook. Marc's qualifications include a master’s degree in educational leadership and numerous state and national certifications as an instructor, firefighter/paramedic, and incident commander. Throughout his journey, he's been recognized with three Teacher of the Year awards and the prestigious Core Values Award. 

In this episode, you will learn more about Marc's story, why he decided to write the book Two Dark Thirty, and hear about the importance of knowing how to training and teach in the fire service.